Proverbs 10:29

29 The way of the Lord is a refuge for the blameless,

   but it is the ruin of those who do evil.


 The Lord has his reasons and his way, which often elude our understanding, yet hindsight proves their wisdom. We ought to take refuge in his promises, and though the means and the timing of their fulfillment is a mystery, trust that he will see them through. This is most easily done with a clear conscience, without which our confidence is spoiled, though he will prove himself nonetheless.

 Consider Abraham, who was promised an heir, through whom a “great nation” would assuredly arise. Yet after ten years he remained childless, and set out to fulfill the Lord’s promise in his own way by fathering Ishmael. What trouble could have been avoided had he kept himself blameless! Yet the Lord was faithful, despite Abraham’s impatience, fulfilling his promise in due time. Let us learn from Abraham’s error, and maintain blamelessness in the face of doubt, remembering the Lord is our refuge.

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