Proverbs 8:30-33

30 Then I was constantly at his side.

I was filled with delight day after day,

   rejoicing always in his presence,

31 rejoicing in his whole world

   and delighting in mankind.

32 “Now then, my children, listen to me;

   blessed are those who keep my ways.

33 Listen to my instruction and be wise;

   do not disregard it.”


 Wisdom was filled with delight in the midst of creation, rejoicing in the work of the Lord’s hands. This combination of work and joy is what we are invited into when we are called to listen and obey. Yet the fool thinks that wisdom is boring, that all the fun is to be had in folly. Wisdom offers work which leads to joy, while temptation offers pleasure which leads to bondage. Of course, it is the end state which matters most. Whatever momentary difficulty wisdom puts us through is far outweighed by the joy of a task well done – whatever fleeting pleasure temptation delivers is eclipsed by the burdens of addiction, shame and regret.

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