Proverbs 7:21-23

21 With persuasive words she led him astray;

   she seduced him with her smooth talk.

22 All at once he followed her

   like an ox going to the slaughter,

like a deer stepping into a noose

23 till an arrow pierces his liver,

like a bird darting into a snare,

little knowing it will cost him his life.


 The senseless youth is convinced he is in the right place at the right time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Temptation has gradually spread its nets around him, but there is no subtlety in the sin which captures him “all at once.”  Gone is his ability to reason, he is reduced to the thoughtless act of “going to the slaughter,” “stepping into a noose” or “darting into a snare.” It is folly to believe you can flirt with temptation and avoid sin, that passions aroused can be overcome by reason. There is no signpost at the point of no return, the sooner you flee temptation the better.

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