Proverbs 9:11

11 For through wisdom your days will be many,

   and years will be added to your life.


 It is through wisdom that self-destructive habits are overcome, temptation is avoided, and virtue conquers vice. How often do you factor your future self into your present decisions? The fool, living only in the moment, has no concern for long term consequences. It may feel good to be angry, but what happens to those who hold on to anger? It may be fun to spend money, but some day the debt must be dealt with. It is easy to avoid discipline, but how long will you delay your own improvement?
 This proverb suggests longer life through wisdom, but it also implies a change in perspective.  Though the wise may have many days, they are careful not to waste them. Regardless of the future, they can reflect with gratitude on the days well spent. Yet the fool looks back on his life and wonders where it has gone – he has little to show for the years gone by. How long do you expect to live? Consider that for every twenty years there are only one thousand and forty weeks. What do you plan to do with those weeks? What can you do to increase them? When they have passed, how do you hope to look back on them?

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