Proverbs 9:10

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,

   and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.


 Often the things we need to hear the most are those we want to hear the least. The favorite tactic of our time is to dismiss such things by discrediting the source. The fool has his reasons for ignoring the warnings of others, not least of which is that he believes he is superior to them. “I am unique,” he thinks, as he stumbles into the same traps as all the other fools.

 Who then, should we listen to? Whom can we trust? Wisdom begins when we acknowledge two things: there is a God and I am not him. We are accountable to a reality which we do not control, and we are limited in our understanding of it. Yet if we look to the one who is in control, and seek to understand the world through our understanding of the one who made it, everything begins to make sense.

 This not only applies to the material realm, which is ordered and structured through and through, but also to the immaterial realms of relationship and being. Here it is obvious that some things work and others don’t, but it is less obvious as to why. We cannot prove the laws of morality in theory as we can the laws of physics, but we can prove them in practice. As it turns out, these are the laws about which the Lord has the most to say. Do you want to grow in wisdom and understanding? Look for a moral instruction in scripture, the less you like it the better, and obey it. You will find there was more to it than you thought.

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