Daily Wisdom

Meditations on the Book of Proverbs

7 The righteous care about justice for the poor,

   but the wicked have no such concern.

8 Mockers stir up a city,

   but the wise turn away anger.

 What is your attitude towards those less fortunate than yourself? Do you take time to help them, or are you too busy taking care of yourself? The righteous know that “good and evil both increase at compound interest. That is why the decisions you and I make every day are of such infinite importance.” It is good to help the poor for their sake, of course, but it is also good for you.

 The more you care for those less fortunate than yourself, the smaller your own problems will seem. But the more you disregard others, the more you will dislike them. The everyday acts of compassion or cruelty develop into character, accumulating over time into greatness or depravity. Consider where your behavior is leading you, because eventually you will get there.

 “Mockers stir up a city, but the wise turn away from anger.” The mocker doesn’t care how his actions affect others, he spreads his misery wherever he goes. He doesn’t care that nothing good comes from cynicism, he wishes the whole world to be as angry as he is. Yet the wise are considerate of others, seeking peace whenever they can. He does not let his anger determine his behavior, he is quick to apologize and quick to forgive.

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