Proverbs 7:6-8

6 At the window of my house

   I looked down through the lattice.

7 I saw among the simple,

   I noticed among the young men,

   a youth who had no sense.

8 He was going down the street near her corner,

   walking along in the direction of her house…


 One must not look far to find a youth who has no sense. If a parent is not intentional about cultivating wisdom and morality, where will the child get it? Certainly not from the world, nor from his peers. Without guidance, what can this youth do but wander? With no warning of the dangers of life, what chance does he have of avoiding them? Yet he is not alone, he is found “among the simple,” surrounded by others who are as oblivious as himself.

 This particular youth is going somewhere he has no business going, but nobody has taken the trouble to instruct him otherwise. Or perhaps someone has, but it was too late for him to listen. Either way he is headed toward trouble, alone, unaware of the prudence he lacks. He must learn his lesson the hard way, along with the regrets which come with it.

 Have you seen such a youth? Did you also see the opportunity to help him? The paths of the simple are easy to recognize, and there are plenty of us who carry the regrets of having traveled them. Do nothing, and you can predict where he’ll end up. What’s the worst that could happen if you attempt to intervene? Yet if you succeed, what a blessing you will have been! Put your wisdom into practice, take advantage of the opportunities you happen upon, and yours might be the most important advice a person ever gets.

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